My affection is my life

Yes there is something good
That good is yet to come….

Every time I watch the sky
The sky filled by
Cirrus, cumulus, asperitas
Yes the light is yet to come

Yes I will fall, I will fail
I will endeavour to start again
The loopholes are to be filled
And the void is yet to be dismissed
Ruthless life is embraced
Yes I love my every breath
I love to see the world my way
My grin cannot be turn into grimace
As I know an occult present is yet to come

The conventional approach is antiquated
The eccentric modus operandi is now my way
I will embrace the zigzag roller coaster ride
As I believe the adventures are part of life
The future is ascertain but that’s not my department
I live in present that’s how I reached contentment

I love my life, I live my life
Every moment is precious
As I will have it only once…….


Beautiful Rain

When Earth takes bath in the paradise, we all are bestowed with the blessed water descending as rain. A majority of us think raindrops look like teardrops; they indeed look more like chocolate chip delights or like a hamburger bun which is scientifically proven.

Some unusual things have been known to fall from the sky like rain of fish in Honduran Folklore.A celebration known as Rain of Fish Festival is feted consistently in the city of Yoro, as hundreds of living fish are found on the ground after it rains there in between the months of May & July.

In India Between July 25 and September 23, 2001, the people of the southern India state of Kerala witnessed, on numerous occasions an extraordinary sight: blood colored rain.

Now if I talk about its speed, yes it may have caused a lot of harm if their special spherical shape that build the impact of atmospheric friction not came in between, each drop would come down at incredible speeds. The maximum speed varied between 18-22 miles per hour. And yes the Pitter-patter sound of raindrops striking the surface of the earth is produced by bubbles of air wavering underwater; I often listens it as a sleep music.

Ever wonder what falls on other planets. It might be made out of methane, neon, and sulfuric corrosive or significantly iron rather than water. Rain on Venus is made of Sulfuric acid, and on Saturn’s moon Titan, precipitation is methane rather than water.

Coming back on earth in African nation Botswana, the currency is the Botswanan pula. The word “pula,” though, also means “rain,” and its use as the name of the primary currency demonstrates just how rare and precious rain is in this sub-Saharan country.

As the world hits the 21st century, now it is possible to make the artificial rain. Particles of dry ice tossed from the plane specifically to the cumulus cloud. In a cloud, carbon dioxide is wrapped with water and falls as a snowflake, heating on the way and transforming into Rain.

So friends do not forget to drench yourselves completely in this blissful season of love. Feel the rain on you…..

A Child’s smile…..

A child’s smile is like blossom of happiness every time I look at them it makes me feel forget the world. I think the reason we love children’s smile so much is because it reminds us of our childhood. Its like rainbow composing of all colors of merriment.

Babies smile at neonatal stage has no emotional content. They smile spontaneously even during REM stages of sleep. Babies don’t start social smiling about eight months. At around one or two months, babies will gradually start to respond to environmental stimulation.

At about 6-10 weeks of age their brain start developing and they can recognise regular known faces. They will likely respond to auditory stimuli first, such as music or mom or dad’s voice. Next comes a response to visual and auditory stimulation combined. The last thing to make baby smile is visual stimulation alone. At two to three months, baby starts to look right at you when she smiles. During this time period babies will increasingly respond to face-to-face interaction. Make funny faces to make baby laugh. By four to six months, baby will start to smile, then look away. Babies are learning to regulate emotions and the joy may be too intense. By eight or nine months, smiles are used often in social situations and as a method of communication .

But as we grow up we have to find reasons to smile why cannot we grow by holding the child inside us lets not kill that………………

Dekho Inhein Yeh Hain Os Ki Bundein, Patto Ki God Mein Aasaman Se Kude
Angdaayi Le Ke Phir Karwat Badal Kar, Nazauk Se Moti Hasde Phishal Kar
Kho Na Jaaye Yeh, Taare Zameen Par………..

Human Vs Wizards and Witches

The world of magic manifests our imagination to look beyond the reality.Let me take you to the world of “Wizards & Witches” having the ability to transform,befool the real people loot them and sometimes murder them.The era we live in of 21st century is the same we have that one good and evil inside us, we make our choices to become a real human or an evil wizard/witch.Life has got taste,the things which fulfill our desire taste good and we always run behind them.Can we stop and analyze its pros and cons,can we ask ourselves does it holds the principle of humanity

We are caught in our own made webbed structure of desires.I am not asking to stop your desires but to give it a human touch and to do this you have to ask a simple question to yourselves “Will it harm others?” and your action will justify your personality.